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Thin films

Coatings: technologies and systems for mass production

Electron beam evaporation and thermal evaporation
Evaporation in a vacuum via electron beam evaporators or thermal vaporisers has come into use for coating optical components and substrates for lithographic processes. This technology allows for the production of a number of metallic coatings such as chrome, aluminium, gold, titanium, black chrome (low reflection chrome) and other metals of high quality and with a coating thickness of a few nanometres up to several hundred nanometres.

With the expansion of thermal evaporation and electron beam evaporation via substrate heating at 100 to 300°C or via a plasma source, it is also possible to produce optical coatings, known as interference coatings, of high optical quality. These fulfil a range of functions, including antireflection coatings, optical filters such as band-pass filters, UV or IR filters, colour filters, Fabry-Perot filters, beam splitters and dielectric mirrors.

Beschichtungsanlagen für PVD und Magnetron-Sputtern | Dünne Schichten

Coating systems for PVD and magnetron sputtering

Format: 200mm-Wafer
Batch size: </= 16 Wafer
Substrate: Fused Silica, B270, Borofloat, D263, other materials on request
Thickness: >0,3 mm

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