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Cleanliness: clean processes require clean substrates

Cleaning is key when it comes to micro-optical and microfluidic elements. Clean raw substrates of a consistently high quality form the basis for reproducible production processes and high throughput. In comparison to macro-optical elements, such as lenses and mirrors, even the smallest contaminations or defects will lead to the failure of the end product. In this area too, IMT uses existing technologies from the semiconductor industry as well as a fully automatic cleaning line.

Screen Scrubber - Vollautomatisierter Reinigungsautomat zur Waferreinigung

Screen Scrubber – Fully automatic cleaning machine for wafer cleaning

Wafer substrate: Fused silica, D263, Borofloat, Float, B270
Wafer format: ø 200 mm
Wafer thickness: 0.3 mm-4 mm
Throughput: 80 wafers/h
Cleaning technology: DI water mist, contactless brush cleaning on water film

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