Bright: reticles and graticules for target shooting and hunting

Reticles from IMT always allow for the optimum contrast to the object and environment in all lighting conditions. Switchable illuminated reticles are standard in all aiming devices of the latest generation. In order to illuminate the structure, optical radiation is injected into the substrate from the side and this hits the illuminated structure via total reflection. IMT offers its customers two technological solutions for this purpose.

Diffraktive Leuchtabsehen | Absehen

Diffractive illuminated reticles

Diffractive illuminated reticles are an option wherever brightness and finely dispersed structures are important. The lighting design allows for the illumination of an area in the centre of the substrate with a diameter of 400 µm. The diffractive structure can be chosen freely within this range.


Etch & fill reticles

Etch & fill reticles have been tried and tested over many years in hunting and target shooting. Line thicknesses > 10 µm are easy to achieve from a technological perspective. With the desire for finer structures and better illumination, the technological challenges are mounting for both IMT and the customer. The brightness is determined via the scattering area (line width) and via the irradiance available from the injected radiation. The irradiance can be increased at the expense of the battery life, but this is not a satisfactory solution from the user’s perspective.

IMT produces customer-specific etch & fill structures up to a line width of 8 µm. For the best-possible illumination and structures < 5 µm, the use of diffractive structures is recommended.

Powerlight | Absehen


Optical design, combined with electronics and mechanics, requires lighting designers to have detailed knowledge of various specialisms.
With the Powerlight series, IMT is the only provider in the world to offer a complete solution from a single source.

The benefits are clear: IMT has full responsibility for the optical design and the layout of the lighting. You get a ‘plug & play’ assembly with your microstructure, which you can plug in directly.

Powerlight assemblies are available in 22 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm diameters. Customer-specific diameters may be requested.

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