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Optical gratings

Large-scale: binary amplitude and phase gratings for the spectral decomposition and spatial separation of optical radiation

Optical gratings are used extensively in optoelectronics. They are put to use wherever spectral decomposition or spatial separation of optical radiation is required.
In contrast to conventional production technologies, IMT has the capability to structure optical gratings on a large scale.

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Diffractive illuminated reticles

Diffractive illuminated reticles are characterised by small structure sizes and an excellent light yield. Thanks to these elements, different grating structures can be illuminated with different wavelengths. In any case, a diffractive reticle allows for use in very bright environments.

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Waveguide gratings

Waveguide gratings or planar waveguides (PWG) have a wide range of uses in chemical analytics and in the telecom/datacom sector for the coupling and decoupling of optical signals. IMT produces customer-specific waveguide gratings on the basis of tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) and other coating materials.

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