Mikrostrukturierte optische Schichten

Microstructured optical coatings

Maximum brilliance: microstructured dielectric and metallic coatings

Optical components such as lenses, mirrors, beam splitters and gratings can mostly be used in photonics, the semiconductor industry or medical technology if they have been fully coated. Depending on the application, these coatings have a wide range of functions throughout the system.

IMT specialises in microstructuring and combining dielectric coatings with metal or electrically conductive coatings.

Streifenprojektion – mikrostrukturierter Farbverlaufsfilter zur strukturierten Beleuchtung | Mikrostrukturierte optische Schichten

Slit projection – microstructured graduated filter for structured lighting

Our elements are used for 3D measurement using slit projection: An image is projected onto the object with a defined light-dark distribution and the signal reflected by the object is recorded with a camera. The position of the object points is calculated, in the same way as a triangulation sensor, from the angle between the direction of light and direction of observation. The range of applications is just as broad as the evaluation algorithms for the generation of the digital 3D model. It covers everything from automotive and aircraft construction to dental technology and reverse engineering right through to forensics.

Schachbrettmuster – strukturierte Beleuchtung im Intraoralscanner | Mikrostrukturierte optische Schichten

Checkerboard pattern – structured lighting in the intraoral scanner

The elements are characterised by the combination of metallic microstructures with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. This highlights surface defects and steep edge transitions (light-dark) in particular.

Substrate: Fused silica, B270, Borofloat, D263, other materials on request
Thickness: 0.3 mm–10 mm
Coating material: Chrome, IMT-BC
Structure sizes: > 2 µm
Tolerance: ±0.5 µm
Position accuracy: < ±0.5 µm
Optical density of the metallic coating: > 3
AR coating: on request

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