Encoder discs

High-resolution: optical encoder discs and precision graduations

Encoders are sensors which identify a distance or direction that has been travelled using a change in angle or direction of rotation. They are used in modern wind turbines, lifts and theodolites in surveying, to name just a few examples.

As one of the pioneers in the production of precision graduations, our customers have been relying on IMT quality for more than 50 years. Discs with diameters of 27 mm and 42 mm can be supplied as standard. And, of course, we would be very happy to produce specific elements just for you – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Encoder discs

IMT can supply various configurations of encoder discs. The image shows a ‘code disc’. The position information is read out via a ‘Gray code’. In contrast to incremental discs (impulse discs), each value of the Gray code is assigned an absolute position.

In impulse discs, the change in angle during rotation of a periodic structure is measured using light-dark transitions (impulses). The system requires a reference point when starting for precise positioning tasks.

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