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Photonics: the technology of the 21st century

Optical computers, autonomous vehicles, lighting and screens in paper form are just a few examples of the world of tomorrow. Optical technologies are currently already opening up areas of application which seemed completely impossible 20 years ago. Laser radiation is used in numerous areas of application: for example as a universal tool for welding and soldering, for distance measurement, as a headlamp illuminant and as a medium for data transmission.

Modern optical processes are the key to computer chips and therefore for mobile phones, tablet PCs and games consoles. Solar cells help to solve our energy problem and are seeing improvements every day.

The areas of application for photonics are infinite, with no limits on what might be imagined for future developments.

IMT makes its contribution to this market of the future in the form of customer-specific elements.

We would be very happy to help you with your ideas in and around photonics.

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