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Tailor-made: microfluidic components and systems

Innovation is driven forward by rising cost pressure in the areas of life sciences, biotechnology and analytics. The preparation of samples, the generation and processing of ever-growing volumes of data and ever-shorter lead times all result in the continuous miniaturisation of important components in glass and plastic.

Flow cells, biochips, lab-on-a-chip components, gratings, integrated electrodes and microchannels, cuvettes: many biophotonic and microfluidic components have functional coatings in the micro and nano range.

At the point where microfluidics, biotechnology and optics overlap and require a multidisciplinary approach and a wide range of processes conducted by employees with a well-founded understanding of the process and application, IMT is the ideal partner.

The period between the choice of technology and the market launch is usually so short that it is not possible to transfer the process from the laboratory to series production within the time. Development very closely related to production has become the key to success. With resources and measurement tools from the semiconductor industry and a very high level of automation, IMT meets the needs for development and series production of combined micro and nano structures from a single source exactly.

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