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Semiconductor processes consistently implemented

How do you produce cost-effective glass components of a consistently high quality with a high throughput? IMT answered this question at an early stage with the conversion to a 200-mm wafer line. Thanks to a future-oriented investment strategy, we now have equipment from the semiconductor industry along the entire value-added chain.

Our machinery

  • Photoresist coating equipment for large formats up to 480 mm x 480 mm
  • Laser plotters (DWL, direct write laser) for formats up to 800 mm x 600 mm
  • Spin coater (200-mm wafers)
  • Mask aligner (200-mm wafers)
  • Plasma etching equipment (RIE, 200-mm wafers)
  • Automatic HF etching systems (200-mm wafers)
  • Wafer saws (200-mm-Wafer)
  • Automatic wafer cleaner (200-mm wafers)
  • Automatic optical inspection (200-mm wafers)
  • SEM with EDX (200-mm wafers)
  • Coating systems (PVD and sputtering)
  • Interferometer
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Confocal laser microscope
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